an aerial view of 801 grand and other buildings downtown Des Moines at dusk

About The Building

Get to Know the Tallest Building in Iowa

The 801 Grand Building was constructed in 1991 and was designed by the architectural firm Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum, Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri. The building rises 44 stories above downtown Des Moines, reaching a height of 630 feet at its highest point. With a total of 920,000 gross square feet, 1,142 windows, and multiple designed architectural step-backs, the 801 Grand Building boasts a higher number of corner offices per floor than you see in standard designs.

Building Stats — What Makes the Skyscraper?

  • 200,000 square feet of stone. The outside of the skyscraper is covered in gold and brown granite (the gold granite was mined in Brazil, then cut and polished in Italy), along with cream and black marble (the cream marble is from Italy and the black marble came from Portugal).
  • 83,700 tons of concrete, 5,559 tons of structural steel, and 3,100 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 5,500 square feet of copper to seal the building
  • 18 passenger elevators
  • 2,000+ stair steps

801 Grand Building Ownership

The 801 Grand Building is owned by The Principal Financial Group (Principal), a Fortune 500 global financial company that offers businesses, individuals, and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services. Principal’s headquarters are located at 711 High St, Des Moines, Iowa. For more information on Principal, please visit

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801 Grand Building Management

The 801 Grand Building is managed by a professional management team from Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). JLL is one of the country’s largest management and leasing organizations. Assignments include office buildings with Class A office space, regional shopping centers, and major industrial parks. Each property is staffed with a trained team of business managers and support staff. JLL’s Global Headquarters are located at 200 East Randolph Drive, Chicago, Illinois. For more information on JLL, please visit

a cutout rendering of the 801 Grand Building