the inside entrance of the 801 Grand Building

Plan Ahead for Your Visit to the 801 Grand Building

If you’re visiting a dining or retail location on one of the lower levels of the 801 Grand Building, you can park nearby or access the building through one of the three connected skywalks downtown. The reception desk is located in the north lobby, and the best way to find the reception desk is to enter the building from High Street.

Public Parking at 801 Grand

You have a couple of different options for parking near the 801 Grand Building downtown. There is metered street parking around the building, along with a public garage located just across the street. The public garage is a city ramp on the corner of 9th Street and Grand Avenue. This ramp charges a $1/hour rate and is connected to the building by a skywalk.

some plants inside the 801 Grand Building
a look up to the 801 Grand Building and a couple of the surrounding skywalks

Downtown Skywalk System

The 801 Grand Building has three connections to the downtown Des Moines skywalk system. The west skywalk route leads to the 901 Parking Ramp, the south skywalk route leads to the City Parking Ramp, and the east skywalk route leads to the east skywalk connections. The south and east routes also lead to other skywalk connections to the downtown area of Des Moines.

View a Map of the Skywalk System

Choose a Green Workplace

The 801 Grand Building is doing its part in creating the foundation of a sustainable workplace for improved health of the people, communities, and cities around us. Our building is LEED-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, meaning we’re operating with the environment in mind by using less water and energy, improving indoor air quality, and creating less waste, among other initiatives.

In addition to our LEED certification, our location also has a high walkability score — 82 out of 100. This means that people can easily travel by foot to access all the amenities downtown has to offer, reducing emissions for the environment and improving overall wellness.

the 801 Grand Building sign next to the building
A street view of the 801 Grand Building

DART Public Transportation Bus Stops

If you’d rather not drive downtown, Des Moines offers public transit through the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART), and there are plenty of bus stops around 801 Grand. Visit the DART website to learn more and plan your trip.

View the DART Website